26 things to know in your twenties

It was my birthday recently and I have decided to share a few words of wisdom that would help anyone just starting out in their twenties.

1. On Friendships:

You are going to fall out with a lot of friends in your twenties and make a few more. This is an essential pruning process and it’s ok as long as you keep no grudges and move on in love and maturity.

Be very intentional with your friendships, they can make or mar you.

There is power in your associations.

2. On Relationships:

You’re most likely going to meet the person you end up with for life in your twenties or maybe not and that’s ok.

Build and invest in healthy relationships.

Act with caution and love with utmost care because investing in the wrong person can affect you for a long time.

3. On Career:

Your twenties is the right time to build and grow your career.

Invest in yourself, dedicate resources to personal development.

Connect with mentors or sponsors, they go a long way in helping you build a good career path.

4. On Your relationship with God:

There is no better time to build a great relationship with God than now if you haven’t already done so.

You will avoid so many mistakes and make profitable decisions in life by just this one step.

This is the best advice to be honest.

5. On Forgiveness:

If you have carried any baggage all through life, this is the time to let go.

Learn to forgive and live peacefully with all as much as possible.

Life is much easier with no grudges, drama and hate, they are unecessary.

6. On Finances:

Your financial habits in your twenties are a foundation and mirror of your financial position later in life.

Learn to build financially instead of squandering and frivolous extravagance.

Save and invest wisely.

7. On Purpose:

Have sober reflection and spend quiet time in discovering your own unique purpose.

Everyone has a different path and journey.

Avoid unhealthy comparison, get inspired by others and not beat down.

8. On Success:

Define your own success and learn to grow steadily, don’t let anyone put you down or rush you.

It may look like a long way to success but keep going and celebrate your little victories.

Life is in stages, the butterfly was once a caterpillar.

9. On Failure:

Unfortunately, failure can creep in sometimes even when you do not expect.

Failure is ok as long as you learn from your mistakes, pick your self up and keep going.

Most success stories have a series of failures in between.

10. On Love:

It is totally ok to crave love and belonging, do not feel ashamed about it.

Do not however awaken love when you shouldn’t and in the wrong places, for the wrong reasons and with the wrong people.

Love is a beautiful thing when done right.

11. On Losses:

You would lose a lot of things and people, it is a very painful part of life.

It is fine to grief but you must learn to move on.

Do not hold on to depression built on losses.

12. On Memories:

When life happens, you either lose some people or barely have time to create fond memories anymore.

Create memories withe the ones you love, spend time with family and friends.

Document memories, you will cherish them later.

13. On Education:

The older you become the more difficult it is to learn new things.

This is the time to engage in extensive learnings, read a lot of books, visit a lot of places.

Invest in yourself and get educated.

14. On Values:

There is no better time for you to define your values in life than now if you haven’t done so already.

The values you stand for will determine how well you do later in life.

If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.

15. On Personal brand:

Build your personal brand in your twenties, this is what people will know you as for a long time. Start steadily and devotedly.

Do not do things that would harm your brand, your twenties would create very tempting situations to distort your brand.

There is always opportunity to start again and rebuild your brand if you have started out badly but the earlier, the better.

16. On Self identity:

Discover yourself and what you identify as. This is closely hitched to your purpose, brand and values.

Do not make negative compromises on your identity, people will be alright.

Hinging your identity on the right things is very important.

17. On Life:

It’s no news that life is short and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, so live grateful and happy for every moment.

Live in the moment, spend life with people who make you happy and make life worthwhile.

Fight every depression, negative feelings and traumas, I hope it gets better for you if you’re in this situation.

18. On Time:

The fact that you’re already in your twenties should make you realize that time flies.

Invest your time on things that are profitable and rewarding. Spend time with people that are deserving.

Be very intentional with your time. Don’t waste time.

19. On Rewards and recognition:

Most often than not, you would not get rewarded or recognized for your efforts and the good doings you do.

Not getting rewarded or recognized doesn’t call for you to quit working hard and doing good, one day it will all pay off.

Even if it doesn’t, you will be happy internally.

20. On Self affirmation:

This is one habit you should learn to pick up if you haven’t done so already.

Your past years may have been filled with people looking down on you or pulling you down, you may have done this to yourself as well.

This is the time to stop and change it.

Learn to affirm yourself, be your biggest supporter.

Stop seeking validation from people and places that don’t matter.

21. On Rejection:

Some people will reject you. Guys, ladies, friends, organizations may make you feel not good enough but that’s ok.

Not everyone will understand the value you have. You are valuable.

Dust up and associate with people who value you.

22. On Focus:

You have to focus now more than ever.

Keep the end in mind and let that motivate you to concentrate on your goals.

People will try to distract you with small talk and discouragement, certain things will try to make you go astray and give up but focus will sustain you.

23. On Money:

Do not let money drive you or your decisions, this has ruined lives, relationships and people.

‘The love of money is the root of all evil’.

‘Wealth from get-rich-quick schemes quickly disappears; wealth from hard work grows over time’.

24. On Family:

Family is a gift, be it biological or friends who have become like family.

Create substantial time for family and show love when you can.

Cherish and build family, this is a legacy.

25. On Health:

Take your health seriously, avoid foods, habits and substances that are detrimental to your health.

Be intentional with your health.

Exercise while you can, go for walks, runs and strengthen your muscles, this has a lasting effect on your health.

26. On Networking:

You do not necessarily have to be close friends with everyone. You can have healthy acquaintances and networks even from a distance.

Building a good network in your twenties can be very helpful later in life.

Do not burn bridges.

If you read to the end, you are the real MVP and I hope this helps you on your journey.

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