Live Intentionally

You often hear people talk about living intentionally, this simply means, being deliberate and purposeful with your life.

 It is very easy to let circumstances and external factors determine your path therefore it is important to define your identity, passion and pace without comparing to others.

Being deliberate with important areas of life will help you live intentionally.

Monitor your finances :

A lot of decisions depend on your finances, therefore, it is important to monitor your financial status. For every monetary transaction, every  cash inflow and outflow, you should be able to give an account.

This requires planning for your finances and managing your daily expenses. Every now and then, there are guilty pleasures that require finances. This could include fashion, makeup, trips, food, experiences, gadgets etc.

For each guilty pleasure, there are tonnes of financial leaks and thus adequate planning is very important. Be intentional about what you spend money on, this will help curtail unhealthy spending habits and manage your finances.

Reflect on your expenses daily, you could miss out items if you do this weekly or monthly.

Build multiple streams of income.

Budget and plan for your expenses. You probably hear this all the time, don’t just think it, do it!

You don’t have to keep up with every occasion, fashion trend, gadgets or spend on frivolous activities. Choose your financial leaks wisely.

Carefully choose your relationships:

You are a product of many factors, your relationships being one of the most important.

The conversations you engage in, the people you surround yourself with, shape you. Likewise, your dreams and aspirations are influenced by those around you.  

For every relationship you build with people, assess how it could affect your life. Do not be afraid to choose your friends and say no to toxic relationships, healthy relationships are therapeutic.

The wrong relationships could cost you so much. Guide your future jealously by being intentional with your associations.


Evaluate your relationships and know when to back out or re-invest. Re-invest if there is value.

Some people are in your life for certain seasons, be unapologetic if the best decision is to discontinue a relationship.

Cherish your relationships, build and invest in them and most importantly create time for them.

Manage your time:

Almost everyone has dreams and goals, the difference is the time allocated to achieving them. Every time wasted is an opportunity gone that can never be replaced or regained.

What you spend your time doing is basically what you spend your life doing, because seconds transform to hours and of course years, which is your lifetime.

Allocate your time strategically and plan delicately, even the time you sleep. The time spent on the same activity could mean different things for different people.

An hour spent on the internet by two different individuals could be knowledge gained by one and time lost by another. What are you doing with your time? Be deliberate on what you spend time on.


Having a daily planner with time allocations  helps effectively. Don’t just get a regular planner, allocate time to your daily plans.

Set reminders for every activity.

Reflect daily on your time spent and assess this based on your planner.

Discipline is key to managing your time effectively. If possible, keep your phones away, social media is becoming the biggest distraction and time waster.

Build your career  and pursue your ambitions:

Successful people do not mistakenly fall into great careers, it takes planning and preparation to achieve fufilling careers and ambitions.

Passion, preparation and opportunity will create a path for success, hard work will maintain and elevate that path. It is difficult to maintain a successful venture that you do not work for and/or make no effort to sustain.

Whatever goal you want to achieve or career you want to build, you need to intentionally plan for and work towards. Be resilient about your ambitions and learn to push through obstacles and barriers.


Invest in self development through books, courses or programs. Read at least 6 books every year.

Attend free or paid educative seminars.

Get a mentor, look for one. This is extremely  important.

Learn to empower yourself, look for ways to improve and don’t wait for the crowd or a push.

When you become deliberate with the value of your finances, relationships, career and time, this translates to other facets of life and you begin to live intentionally.



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