Define your own success

Everyone one wants to be successful, never have I met anyone who purposely decides to be identified as a failure. Success however means different things to different people and defining your own success and accomplishments is essential for living intentionally rather than meeting up to the expectations of external forces. I have read and listened […]

Daniel Series: All glory belongs to God

Daniel and his friends sought the wisdom of God for the interpretation of the king’s dream and God answered them. It was accounted that the first thing Daniel did was to acknowledge the glory of God. “So Daniel blessed the God of heaven”. Because God revealed the King’s dream to Daniel, the King acknowledged God […]

The art of preparing for your dream job

  Organizations expend quality time and resources towards looking for great candidates to fill strategic positions. It is a win-win situation when you prepare yourself to fit into their peg hole. Make yourself the preferred candidate, tick most boxes, not just on your resume but practically. Preparedness and being intentional with your career journey is indispensable […]

Daniel Series: The power of association

The King of Babylon had a dream and was in dire need of an interpretation but there was none of his wise men who could execute to his expectations. He threatened the demise of all the wise men if his dream wasn’t retold and explained but also promised a reward if this was done. He eventually […]

Daniel Series: Attracting the God kind of favour

There is a level of poise and charisma that accompanies one who is good looking, elegant and intelligent. Daniel was the embodiment of an ideal man but so were the other fine Hebrew men of royalty taken into captive by the King of Babylon.  That is to say, they all had characteristics and requirements for excellence […]

The importance of love language in relationships

As different as we all are, so are the means by which we share, express and feel love. If for any reason someone truly loves you as a friend or significant other and they have tried to show you in numerous ways but you still don’t feel the love, this is why. Love is a key […]

The role of soft skills in building a career

Are soft skills really important? Why should an organization really care about soft skills? The not so good news for those who disregard the value of soft skills is, yes, soft skills are very important in helping you build a successful career. The good news is, your technical know-how and hard skills are still very much valuable. […]