A few reasons we do not always get what we want

I recently visited a friend and sighted a beautiful plant sitting gracefully on her kitchen window and I knew I had to get one. I asked her where she got it from and she mentioned it was from a mutual friend. For weeks leading to months, I wanted to ask our mutual friend for the […]

Daniel Series: All glory belongs to God

Daniel and his friends sought the wisdom of God for the interpretation of the king’s dream and God answered them. It was accounted that the first thing Daniel did was to acknowledge the glory of God. “So Daniel blessed the God of heaven”. Because God revealed the King’s dream to Daniel, the King acknowledged God […]

Daniel Series: The power of association

The King of Babylon had a dream and was in dire need of an interpretation but there was none of his wise men who could execute to his expectations. He threatened the demise of all the wise men if his dream wasn’t retold and explained but also promised a reward if this was done. He eventually […]

Daniel Series: Attracting the God kind of favour

There is a level of poise and charisma that accompanies one who is good looking, elegant and intelligent. Daniel was the embodiment of an ideal man but so were the other fine Hebrew men of royalty taken into captive by the King of Babylon.  That is to say, they all had characteristics and requirements for excellence […]

Life: Does timing matter?

The timing of life is different for everyone, making unhealthy comparisons is therefore not wise. Embrace your own journey.

Love is never enough- Forgiveness

All contentions, whether between private persons, families, churches, nations are begun and carried forward by pride. Disputes would be easily prevented or ended, if it were not by pride. Matthew Henry  REF: (Proverbs 13:10) Kings and great men have fallen, relationships and marriages have fallen and will continue to fall because of  pride. The last of […]

Love is never enough-Submission

Submission is not synonymous to slavery or weakness contrary to many beliefs. Stop getting on the edge when people say you should submit to your partner, and I say partner referring to both men and women. Women get defensive when we are told we should submit and of course, men would argue that women are […]