Attracting God favour

There is a level of poise and charisma that accompanies one who is good looking, elegant and intelligent. Daniel was the embodiment of an ideal man but so were the other fine Hebrew men of royalty taken into captive by the King of Babylon.  That is to say, they all had characteristics and requirements for excellence and success.  Daniel and his friends dared to stand out for their beliefs disregarding all consequences.  They were all relatively privileged captives in a foreign land as they had access to to royal delicacies and as I would imagine, other likewise royal benefits.  However,  Daniel was singled out for a reason, he attracted the God kind of favour.

It was accounted that Daniel purposed in his heart not to defile himself in the midst of common treats and desires, not only did he do so, he was confident  and boasted in his beliefs. There were vivid commands from the king, instructions were made but this young man did not seek favour from the King’s men as many of us would have done in different life situations. He did not lobby or engage in eye-service, instead his core purpose was his loyalty to God and God favoured him.

In recent times, many of us find ourselves in situations where we are tempted with exciting and alluring offers that suggest going against our beliefs and loyalty to God. In our relationships, places of work and businesses, we are tempted to influence our acceptance and promotions and sometimes these may require certain acts that are displeasing to God. Your self-induced favour from men can only take you so far but the God kind of favour will take you places you never imagined.  The God kind of favour will amplify your efforts, bless the works of your hand, defy regular expectations and elevate you amongst people of equal standing.

Most often than not, you will get burned out and wary from trying to spur favour from men.  The King’s steward feared the Hebrew men would turn out worse than the others and in the same way people would expect you to turn out worse than them just because you refused to engage in conventional ways of seeking favour from men.  At the end of it all, Daniel and his friends were found better and wiser than than their peers.

Are you attracting the God kind of favour or working out your own favour?

Daniel 1:9

Now God had brought Daniel into the favour and goodwill of the chief of the eunuchs.


Prayer for the God kind of Favour

Let the favour of the Lord my God be upon me and establish the work of my hands and make my efforts successful (Ps 90:17). Dear Lord, be my sun and shield, help me to walk uprightly so that your favour, grace, glory and honour may be bestowed upon me and withhold no good thing from me. (Psalms 84:11).

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