The 4Cs of self limitation

4Cs of self limitation


Different factors lead to self limitation and I like to remind people that we are all unique in our different ways. We all have different goals and aspirations, may be similar but different in their own dimensions.

My assumption is if you are reading this then you have clear self goals, if you don’t and you need help, drop a message through the contact page.

Despite my busy work schedule, I have been attending a course based on the S.H.A.P.E principle ( Finding and Fulfilling Your Unique Purpose for Life, the “how to” of the Purpose Driven Life) book by Erik Rees,  forwarded by Rick warren and also studying the ‘Now, discover your strengths’ book by Marcus Buckingham and Donald.O. Clifton.

The latter book is so deep and intellectual, it’s almost like you have to be intellectual to learn intellectual things, reminds me of the ‘you need experience to get experience’ vicious cycle. So annoying! I can’t complain because you actually need to invest to make gains. I would advice you to read the SHAPE book if you are looking to identify God given purpose

My goal is to bring you some ‘tip of the iceberg learnings’ from my course and that, I have decided to call ‘The 4Cs of self limitation’. They prevent you from being your true self, loving yourself and appreciating yourself.

I came up with the name and I do not know if something like this already exists but like I always say:

Nothing is new under the sun“. What I’m about to share may seem like the obvious but sometimes you need to be reminded of these things.

There are a lot of ways to limit your potential but here are the four major ways of self limitation.

  • Comparing yourself to others squashes your uniqueness. Find your own path and walk in it!
  • Compromising yourself for others all the time can make you lose yourself in the process. Find a balance!
  • Competing against others can make you feel insecure in your own identity, it’s never a competition. Stay in your lane!
  • Conforming to others for acceptance can make you live a false, pressured and unhappy life. Be true to yourself and have self love!

A lot of people are guilty of doing these things because we believe they drive us to do better but when done in excess, they limit who we really are, we find ourselves trying to be other people or outdo others thus losing our unique selves.

Be you!




The 4Cs of self limitation
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