When the foolish become wise- Part 1


Buckle your belts up as I’m about to take you on a positive mindset ride in the midst of negativity! When the foolish become wise! The anchor of this two-part series is 1 Corinthians 1:27  “God has chosen the foolish things of the world to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to shame the things which are strong.”

What’s foolish about you or your situation? What’s your story? Oh wait! before you share your story listen to this:

There was a man named Joseph, one of the greatest and finest men who lived. He was almost killed by his brothers, not by strangers! He got sold into slavery by his brothers, again, not by strangers! He became a slave and worse, became a prisoner for more than 2 whole years. I mean how could God have hated him so much right?

Did you know that in the midst of this, it was while he was a slave, Joseph was declared a prosperous man ? If you didn’t, now you do; If you did, now you remember.  He had always been a successful man irrespective of his circumstances or situation because, just because, only because, by reason of, by virtue of, *inserts more phrases* God was with him.

It doesn’t matter what you are going through or what your situation is, God is grooming you to lead the kingdom he has prepared for you and the only way you can eventually get there is if you keep trusting Him and holding on to His promises. Don’t fall into the trap of the enemy that makes you want to stop trusting God because you feel He is being unfair or He’s not with you. People may write you off, but do not write yourself off. Pick yourself back up and start practicing for where God is taking you by leading and being positive in your own prison or slavery. Faith it till you make it!

God will turn your foolish self and situation around that even those who you feel are wise and have it great going for them will look up to you just because God is with you and He turns tasteless water in the best wine. We probably wouldn’t have heard about Joseph if he allowed his situation determine who he was. He was a slave and prisoner and the King was ‘foolish’ enough to trust all he had into his care. What happened to all the great men in the kingdom at the time? Have you ever wondered?

Your situation, circumstance or position should never let you lose your cool or trust in God. You may look and taste like water but there’s an invisible process going on that is turning you into the sweetest wine. Very few understand this and will stick by you. Your current position of slavery or prison-hood would not stop you from being the great person God has called you to be.

When the slave becomes the ‘King’, when the foolish become the wise, When *insert your name* becomes the greatest!

Keep the faith!

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When the foolish become wise- Part 1
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