Life: Does timing matter?


Life: Does timing matter?To be considered successful in life, you have to achieve certain things at a certain time or not? Is there a right time to start a business venture? Is there a right time to get married and start a family? Is there a right time to make an investment? Is there a right time to achieve certain heights? So many time questions about life and time-bound goals.

I would use two extreme business strategy thoughts to illustrate this topic on life and the concept of timing:

We often find ourselves in one of  the above categories,  some would like to think they are in-between. I like to think of myself as a strategic planner. I had a journal with plans attributed to certain ages of my life.  I was very specific, I wanted to have certain certifications at certain ages, I had written down the age range I wanted to get married and even have my different kids, I had plans on businesses, dream jobs and so on. Some came to fruition but some didn’t, life happened. (I almost lost it when I didn’t get the opportunity to go for my masters at 21). I  like to think some people are very much like me.

On the other hand, some do not even bother scheming or planning. Some successful business owners never planned to be one, it just happened, opportunity came their way.  Some people never bother about what age they get married, start a family, attain certain certifications, get dream jobs or even start businesses. They take everyday as it comes, when they get to that bridge, they will cross it. The time they start a family doesn’t matter, anytime is good as long as they meet the right person be it at 21 or 40. They don’t believe trying to achieve all the degrees and certifications at specific times will take them to their destination because they believe opportunities come at different times for different people and timing doesn’t really matter.

Some successful entrepreneurs believe there are certain things to do at certain stages of your entrepreneur life for you to succeed, some believe in no order of events, just take opportunities as they arise. Some relationship and marriage counsellors believe there is a right time to get into relationships, get married and start a family especially for women who are bound by their biological clock someway. They say there is a time too early to get married and a time where it starts getting too late.

I studied Ecclesiastes for so long because I wanted to get a grip on what it meant by “there is time for everything under the sun”, I got confused at first then I ask the Holy Spirit to teach me.

There is definitely time for everything under the sun BUT the fact that you spend your life planning and scheming doesn’t necessarily mean all will go as you planned at the exact time you want it to. If you plan time so perfectly, why don’t you plan the time you die? There is definitely the time to school and learn, time to be in love, time to get married and start a family, time to birth a business, time to make investments, time to reap from business and investments, time for everything (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8) but guess what? This time is different for everyone.

Don’t compare your timing with someone else’s. That someone achieved certain things before you doesn’t guarantee their success over yours and sometimes, it actually does, unfortunate but true . If you become so engulfed in your own plans and when exactly you want them to come to fruition, you stand the chance of being frustrated at yourself and probably God. On the other hand, if you become so non-chalant or focused on someone else’s journey, you can miss out on your own timing. God makes all things beautiful in His own time, He doesn’t operate by our own time nor is He bound by our time. (2 Peter 3:8 But beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.) Discover your own personal journey and walk in it, life is not a race or competition.

I learnt the hard way, that although it was good to have plans and be strategic about them, I had to make God the centre of it all. And that was all Ecclesiastes tried to emphasize, all is vanity and all that really matters is aligning our plans with God.

Ecclesiastes 5:7 MSG But against all illusion and fantasy and empty talk, there is always this rock foundation: Fear God.



Life: Does timing matter?
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