Love beyond age, colour and ethnicity


Love should not be blind, yes! because,  you have to see beyond the love you feel. Reason why I did the love is never enough series and also wrote top discussions before marriage.

However, there is love beyond age, colour and ethnicity.

We live in such a time where everyone feels they have an opinion about who you choose to love or get married to. Fortunately for me, I listen to people but digest only the wheat, allowing the shaft drift into thin air. Make your choices with an open but selective mind.


Age is just a number when it comes to love some people say. Is it? what do you think?

I  remember dating (or whatever it was then) someone 4 years older than me, then 5,  and finally courted someone with 6 years of age difference.

I stopped at 6, I most likely would have reached 10 years of age difference. Ha! 10 years? some people would exclaim…I do not see a problem with this. I know many people happily married with 10 years of age difference (or even more) and oh, they have godly, blissful marriages.

I also remember a friend openly voicing out in the midst of other friends how she cannot date/get married to someone that much older than her when I told them about my fiancé and the age difference between us.

It was definitely my choice, my love, my marriage. I have always loved maturity ( I’m an old soul in a young body) but I later came to discover that age was just a number. The 4 or 5 years age difference didn’t connote more maturity.

Which is why interestingly, I have also come across ladies who dated/married guys younger than they were and hell did not break loose, as a matter of fact, heaven is still rejoicing over their strong, godly, blissful marriages. Heather Lindsey and her husband are a perfect example. (If you know them).


I never had to deal with the colour/race issue, (My household would most likely have been on fire if I had decided to get married to someone of a different race) but I definitely got to deal with the ethnicity issue.

You see, I am from a town in Ogun State, Nigeria and my husband is from a town in Edo state, Nigeria. Notice the same country? But still an issue.

I’m quite sure a lot of people behind their closed doors ‘had pity’ on my parents because their two children, yes, not one but two decided to get married to people from different cultures. Maybe my dad’s unhidden detest towards getting married outside our culture added to this.

Let me not also forget to mention that I had earlier stood my grounds on dating only guys from my culture and always said I never wanted to get married to someone from a different culture. (Oh well, God obviously had different plans, good plans and this I see manifested through the choice He had for me, the best ever!)

For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11

In all of this, I have come to realize that:

  • As an individual, be true to yourself. Would the age difference be a barrier to you or your marital life? Would you have communication issues/barriers or social preferences that lead to issues as a result of the age difference? Are you more or less in tune with your spirituality by virtue of age and this could be an issue? Then think wisely before making your decisions. 
  • Same goes for colour, race and ethnicity. Would culture place communication or other forms of barriers or issues within your relationship and/or marriage? Then you need to make permanent decisions with caution and wisdom. Your life, your choice.
  • Parental advise and blessing are definitely key when it comes to choosing a life partner and so is elderly counsel. Sometimes we think we know so much or are old enough to make our own decisions, but wisdom also comes with age. I got married at a young age and could have made mistakes but one thing I knew was that God was involved, that was my sure green light. He sure did make a way.
  • People’s choices on whom they choose to love and get married to (age, colour, ethnicity) should be respected. If you genuinely love them and you see a genuine issue, approach them in a respectable manner and with love or pray for them not gossip or do dirty talk.
  • God’s choice of a partner for you is beyond, age, colour and ethnicity. Would that person help you achieve purpose in life? Would whoever you choose be your partner in becoming a better version of yourself, helping you achieve your goals and dreams? Would he or she join you to form a great positive force for God’s Kingdom? Then that is what God cares about.


What do you think?

Note: If you want to share your love,relationship, marriage story beyond age, colour/race and ethnicity with a purposeful message please send a mail to info@impactfuljourney .com We would love to read from you.







Love beyond age, colour and ethnicity
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