Define your own success

define your own success

Everyone one wants to be successful, never have I met anyone who purposely decides to be identified as a failure.

Success however means different things to different people and defining your own success and accomplishments is essential for living intentionally rather than meeting up to the expectations of external forces.

I have read and listened to people define what success and achievement is to others and although this is often done as a means for mentorship and encouragement, it could be detrimental to wellbeing and ego.

Every individual has and will experience distinct life occurrences, be it financial, career or relationship. Your idea of a successful career or relationship is most likely different from the next person’s. The perception of work-life balance means so much to one and so little to another. Neither is wrong, and should be berated as they have only decided what life and the perception of success and self fulfilment means to them.

Success could mean having a ‘C’ title to quite a number of people, building a close-knitted family and relationships or even both, it could also mean being recognized and in the limelight to others while many just really see a successful life as having access to basic needs and amenities through hardwork and commitment.  

In this light, a meaningful comparison of success is unlikely, resist the urge to imitate, find what fuels your hunger to do and be more.

Also, it is important to highlight that everyone has a peculiar path to achieving success and success is actually not a point in time concept but a combination of efforts, setbacks, and victories.

A momentary setback doesn’t automatically  spell doom, it could mean a redirection in the road for end success. Every little milestone is a letter, word or sentence in your success book and should never be trivialized.

I have learnt to set standards for myself, appreciate my efforts, celebrate my victories, and most especially learn from my failures. Rejection from people or organizations doesn’t define me, failing a test doesn’t stop me, not being where I want to be doesn’t discourage me because I have learnt to define my own success, my own path and understand that it is indeed a journey of constant growth. 

There is true happiness and contentment in defining what success means to you.

When you learn to define your success and accomplishments, you pave your own path and learn to work in your own space and at your own pace, acknowledging minuscule achievements while stretching towards your ultimate goal.  

I like to use the illustration of buying a shoe, it is easier to buy a shoe yourself as you are more conversant with your size, fit and preferences. It becomes more complicated when  a shoe that is not your size or taste is purchased for you and you struggle to fit in, or still, different people relay different opinions of what shoe you should purchase and wear. So it is with letting others decide what success means to you. 

define your own success

Mediocrity has no drive or plan to define and achieve any level of success.This is not a call for mediocrity, it is a call for drifting away from unnecessary pressures of invaluable comparisons and unrealistic pursuits that steal time and happiness.

Do not let success be an invisible ball of light you spend your life chasing, set your own goals, define your own success.



Define your own success
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