love is never enough- forgiveness
All contentions, whether between private persons, families, churches, nations are begun and carried forward by pride. Disputes would be easily prevented or ended, if it were not by pride. Matthew Henry  REF: (Proverbs 13:10)

Kings and great men have fallen, relationships and marriages have fallen and will continue to fall because of  pride.

The last of this series is on a sensitive area, forgiveness. Sometimes we get hurt by people we love, as a matter of fact, we get hurt the most by the people we love the most largely due to the fact that we never expect them to do certain things or act in certain ways.

You will most likely have misunderstandings with someone you are in a relationship with or someone you get married to. Unfortunately, this is inevitable; fortunately this doesn’t always have to lead into conflict but can help you understand each other better when addressed properly.  

If you intend to sustain a relationship or  get married to someone and spend the rest of your life with the person, you have to learn to forgive, it’s not a choice, you have to. 

Building a successful marriage is letting go of every pride and forgiving before even being asked, It’s asking for forgiveness even when you haven’t erred. If you haven’t taken anything from this series, this is one to take.

Forgiveness isn’t just saying you forgive, it’s letting go and although, practically, you may not forget, it means not bringing up buried issues and wrongs of your partner as this only reopens wounds and brings back bitterness.

Asking for forgiveness isn’t just saying it, it means being sincere with no intention whatsoever of repeating same or similar occurrence.

Finally, work on yourself if you find it difficult to forgive someone who hurt you especially if you are courting (leading to marriage) or married.

Speak to someone out of your circle if need be. Sometimes you can’t really do it on your own. Ask God to help you.

Un-forgiveness is a burden, pride is a canker worm. Let it all go and let God if you want to have a successful marriage.

Marriage is giving your all, not putting one foot in and one foot out. It is putting each other first. It is more than emotions or the love we feel, its loving through forgiveness, submission, contentment and many more, most importantly  building on the right foundation in God.

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Disclaimer: This post doesn’t address people going through sexual abuse, emotional violence, physical violence or serial infidelity. If you are in a relationship leading to marriage or in a marriage and you currently got through any of the above, yes you need to forgive but please seek counselling especially when it seems difficult to break out of such trauma.




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