love is never enough- prayer


Building a relationship based on godly values and standards is so important.

Do not be unequally yoked with an unbeliever. These days even Christians portray unbeliever traits.

Key thing to note when you are in a relationship or thinking to get married to someone: you have to ask yourself the hard question; Does he or she draw you closer to God, makes you stagnant spiritually or take you even a step farther. 

Build a relationship/marriage where both of you pray and grow in God together.

A lot of us only pray when we make requests to God, when finances threaten our families, when our partners suddenly start misbehaving and so on. We never really think to invest quality time with our partners in God’s presence early enough.

You can avert and change so many things through the power of prayers and building a relationship with God as the center. Pray before something happens and not when something happens.

Daniel spent time in prayer, it wasn’t the prayers he said in the lions’ den that shut the lions’ mouths, it was the prayers he had said ahead, the relationship he had built earlier with God. (Daniel 6:10).

The devil is against successful christian marriages, he’s the enemy, not your spouse, fight him together in the place of prayer. The earlier you cultivate a prayerful life with your partner, the better! 

Key things to note when it comes to dating, courtship, marriage and prayers.

Pray for your marriage/partner before and after you get married. Be with people who pray with you and for you. If you’re not praying with/for the person you are dating/courting or married to what are you even doing?

Building a relationship with God and spending time in prayer can prevent you from getting into a wrong or destructive (emotional or physical) relationship/marriage.

Falling in love is very important but people get divorced even though they were madly in love when they got married.

Prayers and relying on God can resuscitate love when it seems gone, taking your spouse to God instead of nagging solves issues faster I tell you.

You need prayers, your marriage needs prayers, your relationships need prayers, your children need prayers. A family that prays together stays together.

Praying together with your partner encourages the spirit of forgiveness. So many times my hubby and I had to forgive each other just because we know we have to pray together and there’s no way we are going to do that angry with each other. (1 Peter 3:7)

Praying together is a date between you, your spouse and God. It helps you remember God is the 3rd party in the marriage and makes you accountable to God and your spouse/partner.

Where two or three are gathered, God’s presence is there. Your relationships and marriage should automatically give you a prayer partner.

Praying for and with each other creates intimacy in relationships and marriage because you have to be open before each other and God. Your fears are laid out openly, you share the same goals and desires, you head in the same direction and praying together seals this unity.

These are just very few benefits of praying as a couple, building a godly relationship before and after marriage. Love is never enough, be a praying couple.



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    • Awww I’m glad this helped you. Trust me, God has someone for you who would love him and love you even more than you expect. Just trust Him.

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