I received a mail from one of my readers asking me to do a write up on purpose. Helping people understand what purpose is all about was one of the driving forces of my blog. However, I stalled in putting this together because you don’t just create a formula that helps people understand what their purpose is or even achieve them.¬†

I have tried to put a piece together that would be approaching purpose from a 3 sphere dimension. I would call it the manufacturer-product-externalities approach.

Everyone was made and created by God hence He is our manufacturer. We are the products, well technically, but products with a will. Other people around us and our environment are the externalities.

We find ourselves in one of these positions in the diagram below at different times in our lives



I feel like I’m teaching statistics ūüôā¬†

Mr A believes living according to the design of the manufacturer is purpose. With reference to bible scriptures some of which will be to be fruitful and multiply, take dominion, give glory to God, win souls etc.

He misses fulfillment sometimes because he becomes self-righteous, mistakes ministry for personal relationship with God. Other parts of his life like family, relationships and personal achievements tend to suffer. There is danger of blaming God when he feels unfulfilled.

Mr B attributes purpose to  personal achievements. He feels purpose is whom he becomes, the career path or jobs he aspires, the relationships and marriages he wants to build, prosperity and wealth he wants to acquire.

He doesn’t really see the need to bother¬†about¬†God’s kingdom or even a relationship with God¬†and other people.

Mr C sees purpose as the impact he has on other people, his environment, mother nature. He believes purpose is just about philanthropy, charity, excessive care of mother nature and environment, social organizations and  in the process may lose himself or never attribute his positive externalities to God.

He may just be moral, full of empathy and not necessarily godly. He sometimes doesn’t feel a sense of personal fulfillment when it comes to his achievements.

Mr X views purpose as living a godly life and achieving certain personal goals as stated above. He fails to realize that life is not necessarily always about him but how he relates to his environment and others around him.

He is that wealthy business man who goes to church, fellowships with Christ-like people but still pollutes his¬†environment, has no business with cleanliness and adhering to regulations, doesn’t submit to authority, maltreats people¬†and doesn’t¬†necessarily think of helping others.

Mr Y¬†believes purpose is serving God, living according to His call and serving others, humanity etc. He is not¬†necessarily self-less but believes he¬†doesn’t necessarily need to be prosperous in life as a godly person.

He may not make any effort to develop and grow himself, build personal relationships, increase in wealth.  

Mr Z feels purpose is being fulfilled career wise, marriage or relationship wise. This is his definition of success and purpose driven life.

It makes him feel even more fulfilled when he extends wealth and empathy to others and his environment. Here again reference to God and a relationship with God may not really matter.

Mr P views purpose¬†as being ‘wholistic’ in God, personal achievements and positive impact on his environment/other people. He feels he isn’t fulfilling purpose when one of these areas is lacking.

No one but you can determine if you are fulfilling purpose or not, you are different and unique, you do not have to be a pastor of a church, be a CEO or own a charity house to achieve purpose. You do not even need to do what everybody else is doing to achieve purpose.

It could be as little as having a good relationship with God, letting your lifestyle minister the gospel to people around you, owning a small kiosk that serves your community and helping a lost stranger find his way.

When you have peace of mind and are genuinely happy, it goes a long way to saying you have fulfilled purpose.

Which position are you? Which position do you want to get to? What is purpose to you?



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    • Thank you Jess! Yup it’s a journey so like you said, one step at a time and I pray God takes you to where you truly desire and deserve to be.

  1. I do not think I have ever read any piece on purpose that struck the chord like this. I will print this out and spread the word!! Well done DEO.

    Brilliant Piece I must Say

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