Connect with Impactful journey to help you build and sustain valuable relationships. Family is a key part of our society thus we  provide resources that help shape families and the society at large.

IMG_0397.jpgsmallPeople are wired to be relational thus one of the greatest needs of man is to belong. Building the right friendships and relationships help you grow and add value to your well-being. Healthy relationships, friendships and families are built on mutual respect, commitment, genuine love and deliberate effort.

Relationships are like any other investments, they require time and other resources to get the best out of them. Setting relationship goals is as important as setting goals for other areas of your life. Friendships, dating and family building should be deliberate, value-adding, intentional and purposeful.

Be deliberate and aware of your emotions and how your personality and temperaments affect your relationships. Personalities and temperaments have a whole lot of effect on friendship and relationship compatibility. Discovering your love and friendship language plays a big role in maintaining friendships and relationships.

It is important to note and remember that your relationship status should not determine your self-worth, self esteem and confidence. No relationship should leave you feeling worthless and void of ambition. Surround yourself with people who add value and positivity to you. With the right mentors and friends, you can build on the right foundations.

Why do you need a relationship coach or mentor?

As with other facets of life, it is important to learn from successful and positive people who have gone ahead of you so as to avoid mistakes which may not be glaring at the point in time.  Relationship coaching helps you set clear relationship, friendship and family goals, build confidence, make healthy decisions and also provides a means of accountability.

How can we help?

This platform provides resources that can help you build the right friendships, relationships and families. Insightful resources, real life examples and stories would be shared as a means for enlightenment and community support in dealing with day to day relationships and family issues.

Services and Offerings

Relationship Mentorship

Note: This is fully based on one-on-one personal session request.

  • Emotional wellbeing in relationships
  • Effective communication
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Stress management in relationships and family life
  • Work-life balance
  • Effective and realistic relationship goals
  • Relationships with purpose
  • Personality and temperaments
  • Love language discovery

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Please request the services of a counsellor or psychologist should you have relationship issues on mental health and physical violence.