Career Insights with Anne Dang: Become a Physician Assistant (PA) in Canada

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26 things you should know in your 20’s

It was my birthday recently and I have decided to share a few words of wisdom that would help anyone just starting out in their twenties. 1. On Friendships: You are going to fall out with a lot of friends in your twenties and make a few more. This is an essential pruning process and […]

5 important tips to help you ace an interview

If there is anyone who is tired of the sick gut feeling after receiving regret emails days or weeks after an interview, then this is for you. Attending interviews could be very nerve wrecking, the least and best thing  you could do is get prepared. I have attended quite a number of interviews and would […]

Basics of preparing for professional exams

I have a weird desire for constant relevant self development and professional exams and/or certifications are sure one of the ways to achieve this.  If you plan on writing professional exams sooner or later, you should read this. Preparing for professional exams or any exam in fact can be very time consuming and nerve wrecking, […]

Define your own success

Everyone one wants to be successful, never have I met anyone who purposely decides to be identified as a failure. Success however means different things to different people and defining your own success and accomplishments is essential for living intentionally rather than meeting up to the expectations of external forces. I have read and listened […]

The art of preparing for your dream job

  Organizations expend quality time and resources towards looking for great candidates to fill strategic positions. It is a win-win situation when you prepare yourself to fit into their peg hole. Make yourself the preferred candidate, tick most boxes, not just on your resume but practically. Preparedness and being intentional with your career journey is indispensable […]

The role of soft skills in building a career

Are soft skills really important? Why should an organization really care about soft skills? The not so good news for those who disregard the value of soft skills is, yes, soft skills are very important in helping you build a successful career. The good news is, your technical know-how and hard skills are still very much valuable. […]