The art of preparing for your dream job

  Organizations expend quality time and resources towards looking for great candidates to fill strategic positions. It is a win-win situation when you prepare yourself to fit into their peg hole. Make yourself the preferred candidate, tick most boxes, not just on your resume but practically. Preparedness and being intentional with your career journey is indispensable […]

The role of soft skills in building a career

Are soft skills really important? Why should an organization really care about soft skills? The not so good news for those who disregard the value of soft skills is, yes, soft skills are very important in helping you build a successful career. The good news is, your technical know-how and hard skills are still very much valuable. […]

4 Ways To Live Intentionally

You often hear people talk about living intentionally, this simply means, being deliberate and purposeful with your life.  It is very easy to let circumstances and external factors determine your path therefore it is important to define your identity, passion and pace without comparing to others. Being deliberate with important areas of life will help you live intentionally. Monitor […]