26 things you should know in your 20’s

It was my birthday recently and I have decided to share a few words of wisdom that would help anyone just starting out in their twenties. 1. On Friendships: You are going to fall out with a lot of friends in your twenties and make a few more. This is an essential pruning process and […]

4 Ways To Live Intentionally

You often hear people talk about living intentionally, this simply means, being deliberate and purposeful with your life.  It is very easy to let circumstances and external factors determine your path therefore it is important to define your identity, passion and pace without comparing to others. Being deliberate with important areas of life will help you live intentionally. Monitor […]

Managing your finances- Pay yourself

  Still on managing finances, now you know your financial status which you learnt here, you have budgeted for and tracked your expenses which was discussed here, the final step is to pay yourself. Yes you heard right, pay yourself. Always put finances aside that belong to you and you alone, have something to your name […]

Managing your finances- Budget and track your expenses

Having few or many streams of income requires proper finance management. When your expenses equal your income or in some cases exceed your income it is synonymous to filling a basket with water, no matter how much you pour into it, you keep losing it. Now you know your financial status as practiced from the last […]

Managing your finances-Know your financial status

  The first step to managing your personal finances is knowing your financial status. You can only manage what you know you have. Most people are caught up in debt or broke because they never know their financial status. They keep spending or borrowing as the case may be until they run out of finances […]