Define your own success

Everyone one wants to be successful, never have I met anyone who purposely decides to be identified as a failure. Success however means different things to different people and defining your own success and accomplishments is essential for living intentionally rather than meeting up to the expectations of external forces. I have read and listened […]

The 4Cs of self limitation

  Different factors lead to self limitation and I like to remind people that we are all unique in our different ways. We all have different goals and aspirations, may be similar but different in their own dimensions. My assumption is if you are reading this then you have clear self goals, if you don’t and you need […]

Fulfilling Purpose

  I received a mail from one of my readers asking me to do a write up on purpose. Helping people understand what purpose is all about was one of the driving forces of my blog. However, I stalled in putting this together because you don’t just create a formula that helps people understand what […]