The best thing to seek for in a relationship

A good number of ladies will remember that sacred ‘list’ of their ideal man or relationship. Mine was very detailed, I kept it for a long time but lost it somewhere in transit as I moved a lot. Different schools of thought surround the idea of drawing out a list for an ideal partner. Some […]

Daniel Series: The power of association

The King of Babylon had a dream and was in dire need of an interpretation but there was none of his wise men who could execute to his expectations. He threatened the demise of all the wise men if his dream wasn’t retold and explained but also promised a reward if this was done. He eventually […]

The importance of love language in relationships

As different as we all are, so are the means by which we share, express and feel love. If for any reason someone truly loves you as a friend or significant other and they have tried to show you in numerous ways but you still don’t feel the love, this is why. Love is a key […]

4 Ways To Live Intentionally

You often hear people talk about living intentionally, this simply means, being deliberate and purposeful with your life.  It is very easy to let circumstances and external factors determine your path therefore it is important to define your identity, passion and pace without comparing to others. Being deliberate with important areas of life will help you live intentionally. Monitor […]