emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence simply put is the ability to understand, be aware, control and manage  emotions when relating with people. Excelling in the work place be it a 9-5 job or a personal business venture requires more than just intelligence, skills and competence.

Studies have shown that employers and clients pay attention to softer skills when deciding whom to employ or work with hence the major focus on customer service for many large organizations and SMEs.

The work place is not where you go to dump feelings, personal issues, transferred marital challenges and all sorts.

Working with people could be difficult as a result of work place diversity as seen across different cultures and work styles. Your voice and body language are major tools for emotional intelligence as they communicate your emotions very loudly.

Emotional intelligence in workplace

Below are few tips to deal with emotional intelligence at work or business environments:

Think of the consequence of your actions

As with any other life actions, this is very important. We always want to defend our actions or prove why we are right or why we shouldn’t be treated in certain ways but think of the situation after you have done this, you relationship with the person and others around you.

Walk away

This is the best thing to do when high on your emotions, resist the urge to defend yourself and walk away, two wrongs don’t make a right. Walk away from the person or your laptop, do not send an email or say things you will later regret.

Avoid having recurring issues with colleagues, if trying to always be a better person doesn’t work, keep away.  Do not do or say things when upset.

No negative talks

Talking negatively about colleagues or clients could turn back to hunt you, refrain from bad mouthing colleagues to other colleagues, they will listen to you but form an opinion about you.

If you feel the need to pour out your emotions, you could talk to a completely  external party, a close friend or partner outside of work, it’s always safer.

Acknowledge how others feel

I have come to realize that some colleagues react out of their own personal issues or behavioural problems and thus it’s nothing personal towards you. When you take the effort to understand how a person feels and what he or she is going through it helps you relate with them better.

Do not let someone else’s lack of emotional intelligence rob you off your own emotional intelligence, be the better person.

Make friends not enemies

You could be your boss’ boss tomorrow, likewise your direct report could be your boss. Any one could end up being your boss or influencing decisions made about you in the place of business. I had a boss who would seek inputs from everyone you worked with about your style of work and relationship with other people before making certain decisions.

Resist malice and enemies at work and business as possible as you can.

The people you work with are a great asset to you, build lasting relationships and do not let your emotions or the lack of it steal this away from you.



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